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Check the Apartment Listing

The Apartment Listing section of the newspaper can be a logical place to start your apartment search. Just don't limit yourself to only checking the apartment classifieds. There are many other useful, and sometimes superior resources for finding the perfect apartment you're looking for!

If you live in a large city, usually the apartment listings will be grouped according to a city's main areas. For example, a New York Times classified section would be grouped into categories like "Manhattan," "Harlem," "Queen," "Brooklyn," and so on. But if you're conducting an apartment search in a medium size or small town, usually the apartment listings will all be grouped together. If you want your apartment to be in a specific location, here's a better way to target just the area you want. Flip through the yellow pages and call the "Property Management" or "Apartment Management" offices. Tell them the location you want, and usually they can provide a list of available apartments in that specific area. And very often, they can give you fresh leads that haven't even appeared in a newspaper classified yet! That's a great way to stay ahead of other renters as you search for the perfect apartment!

Find the Perfect Apartment Listing!

As you're looking for the perfect apartment listing, don't forget the internet. Newspaper classified ads can no longer claim a monopoly on apartment listings. These days, most towns with a popular of 20,000 or more have a community website with local classified ads you won't necessary find in the newspaper. And internet ads are newer than the ones you see in the newspaper. After all, it usually takes an average of three days for a classified ad to appear in the paper. But an internet ad will appear online immediately, so apartment hunters can find some really fresh leads this way!

If you live in a larger city, here's another excellent online source of apartment listings. It's in the online edition of the city's "alternative newspaper," featuring a big section of classified ads you won't find in the daily newspaper. Every big city has one of these alternative papers with a companion website nowdays. New York has the Villiage Voice (, Nashville has the Nashville Scene (, Atlanta has Creative Loafing ( and there are dozens more from coast to coast. If you're not sure if your city has an alternative newspaper, just do a quick Yahoo search or call your local bookstore.

Finally, if you'd like to see photos of available apartments, a great site is You'll find apartments listings for every U.S. state, and many of them have one or more photos!

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