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The Perfect Apartment Locator

If you need the perfect Apartment Locator, then keep reading. Our staff at Rental Reviews has examined the apartment field from top to bottom to make your next apartment search a success! Most likely, you already know the city your next apartment will be in. But if you're considering two or more cities to relocate, visit one of the internet's best apartment sites at Here you'll find apartment listings for every U.S. state, and many of the listings feature one or more photos!

To use this site, just find the U.S. map on their homepage and click on the state you want. You'll instantly get an alphabetical list of each town in that state with available apartments. Beside the name of ech town is the number of apartments listings for that town. Then you can narrow your selection down even more with the site's advanced search engine. 101 Apartments is one of the internet's best resources for finding that perfect apartment so tell your friends about it, too!

Do You Need an Apartment Locator?

If you need another Apartment Locator after you've used 101 Apartments, here's some more Rental Reviews tips. Everyone knows to check their newspaper's classified ads. But don't forget to check online with your town's internet community webpage or alternative newspaper. Most small to midsize towns have a community webpage with apartment ads you won't find in the newspaper. And these ads are usually fresher than newspaper ads. After all, newspapers can take three or more days to publish an ad, but ads can appear online in just seconds!

If you live in a larger city, there should be an alternative newspaper with an online edition. You can check either the print or online versions of this publication for apartment classified that won't be in your daily newspaper. Finally, why not make a phone call to local property management and real estate companies listed in your yellow pages. They can direct you to brand new apartment leads that nobody else knows yet! The best apartments are snatched up quickly, so it pays to stay ahead the competition!

Put all of our tips to work today! Chances are, you'll find the perfect apartment you've been hunting for!

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