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Apartment Rating Tips!

Smart renters need some helpful apartment rating tips before they sign their next lease! Here at Rental Reviews, we don't want anyone to be tricked into renting a lackluster apartment. But how can you be sure that your next apartment will be a dream and not a scream? You can by being a cautious renter who accepts nothing at face value! Want to know more? Then keep reading!

First things first. . .some renters try to save money by locating in "economical" or "less expensive" areas. But smart renters know that "economical" is really code for "high crime area." If you have valuable possessions like a color tv, dvd player, stereo, jewelry, etc. - is it smart to save a few bucks on rent while you increase the odds of being a robbery victim? Before you rent, make a quick call to the local police. Ask them if their neighborhood you're considering has a serious crime problem. More specifically, ask if it has a history of apartment break-ins and robberies! Remember, it's always better to have a smaller apartment in a safe area than a larger apartment in a dangerous area!

Need Some Apartment Rating Tips?

Ready for some more apartment rating tips? Okay, let's say you've found a good apartment in a safe area. But don't relax yet! Take a casual stroll through the apartment complex. When you see people outside, politely introduce yourself. Explain that you're considering becoming a new tenant, and ask if the apartment complex gets their approval. Is the landlord or property manager fair and professional? Are apartment problems correctly promptly? Is the complex (especially your unit) free of loud or disruptive tenants? As you conduct this information apartment rating "survey," you may be surprised at the answers you get. If the lordlord has a bad habit of letting problems go uncorrected, that's something a classified ad will never tell you. But another tenant just might!

Finally, make a call to the property management or real estate offices you'll find in your local yellow pages. Ask them for their own apartment ratings. How do their rank the apartments they represent according to location, price, and cleanliness? But keep in mind their ratings may be a little biased. After all, they want you to rent from them and not go to their competitors!

Are you ready to find your apartment now? That's great! Just put some of our apartment rating tips to work first. They may help you make a smart decision the next time you sign an apartment lease!

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