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Los Angeles Apartment Upper Unit: Do You Want One?

Are you moving to L.A. and looking for a Los Angeles apartment upper unit? Have you thought about whether you would rather live up or down? If not, it is something you should think about because it is important to figure out now whether you have strong preferences one way or the other, before you sign a lease. There is really no certain advantage to living in an upper unit as opposed to a lower unit. It is all dependent on personal preferences and your own needs. So, before you start looking, consider these things…

Los Angeles Apartment Upper Unit vs. Lower Unit

Now that you are wondering why a Los Angeles apartment upper unit is different from a lower unit, here are some reasons. One of the most obvious reasons that you should choose a lower unit instead of an upper unit is if you have difficulty climbing stairs. This difficulty could be due to a personal disability or because you frequently ride a bike and do not want to carry your bike up and down flights of stairs on a daily basis.

If you are concerned about noise, an upper unit is a better choice because you will experience fewer disturbances. You will not hear people walking above you; you will not be startled when someone drops something on the floor. You will be the one disturbing people, not the person being disturbed. If you tend to be cold natured, an upper unit could be better for you because heat rises in the winter when you will be most cold. If you are hot natured, take the lower unit because heat rises when it is hot, as well, only adding to your summer discomfort.

If you are renting in a complex that has balconies and small patios, consider what you would prefer. If you do not like heights, you will probably enjoy and use a patio more frequently than a balcony, but those who love a great view will get more pleasure from a balcony. All in all, it is up to you to decide what you want. However, these suggestions should give you some things to consider and help you make your decision.

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