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Tenant Screening

While most of the information at Rental Reviews is aimed at the consumer, we've added this section on tenant screening for landlords and prospective landlords. But it's also of value to apartment renters who may be subject to a landlord tenant screening process.

What is Tenant Screening?

Tenant screening is the due dilegence process that landlords are supposed to go through in order to find responsible renters. Some landlords might only do a simple interview, more of a chat, with someone to get a feel for whether or not the landlords wants to rent to them. On the other extreme, some landlords may require tenant credit checks, tenant background checks, eviction checks, and even criminal record background checks for every renter. Most landlords fall in between those two extremes on tenant screening.

If you've been through a tenant scrrening process, drop us a note and tell us about your experieince. We'll be happy to share your story with those who are interested.

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