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Tenant Eviction Checks

Tenant eviction checks are based on the same premise as credit checks, criminal background checks, and reference checks. Whenever a prospective tenant desires to rent a property, the landlord has the right to run an eviction check to investigate if, and how many times, a possible tenant may have been evicted in the past. These checks give the landlord specific information that helps him or her maintain a well-run business with as few problems as possible.

If a landlord employs the help of specialized agencies to run these eviction checks, he or she can save considerable time and energy, especially if the potential tenant has moved frequently or is coming from another state. It is relatively easy to find these agencies on the web, among other places, and they generally have the expertise and experience needed to help any landlord, especially one who is new to the business, avoid the hassles of a problematic tenant.

Problems with Tenant Eviction Checks

Although tenant eviction checks are clearly beneficial to landlords in screening future tenants, they can have serious negative implications for prospective tenants. Currently, almost all landlords perform these checks prior to leasing a property and they not only tell the landlord if and when a tenant has ever been evicted from a property but also the circumstances relating to that eviction, such as consistent failure to pay rent, criminal issues, etc. If a person has been evicted from a property twice a year for five years, each one of those evictions will appear on the eviction check and reveal essential information about the reliability of that person as a tenant.

However, the problem with tenant eviction checks is that everyone makes mistakes and if a prospective tenant is dealing with an especially strict landlord, one blemish on his or her record—one or two evictions due to unfortunate circumstances—can ruin his or her chance for renting that property. In this case, eviction checks uncover every mistake made in the past and very possibly prevent tenants from getting back on their feet after a difficult time.

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