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Rental Verification

If you are already a landlord or just beginning the business venture, rental verification can make your job significantly easier. You probably know that considerable work is involved with being a landlord, including selecting reliable tenants, maintaining accurate financial records and dealing with tenants’ complaints and problems. Although there is often no way to avoid some of these demanding responsibilities, taking advantage of rental verification services can save you from merely guessing about a tenant’s reliability and possibly being stuck with someone who will continually cause you problems and cost you money.

What Rental Verification Offers

Rental verification, as provided by tenant screening companies, confirms the information provided by prospective tenants, such as housing history, past landlord references, etc. Because so many people frequently move from place to place, including other states, it is becoming more difficult for landlords to verify the information provided by potential tenants on their applications. Many people who prove to be problematic tenants often falsify information on lease applications in order to secure a rental property. For example, instead of listing actual numbers for prior landlords, some people may give contact information for a few of their friends who are instructed to pose as past landlords and give good references.

Although it is possible to verify much of the information provided on tenant applications yourself, it often requires considerable time and effort. Double-checking telephone numbers and addresses of contacts listed ensures that references provided are valid, but this investigation can quickly become tiresome, especially if you continually screen large numbers of applicants. It is also sometimes difficult to find information on an applicant’s past rental history if they have moved into your area from out-of-state. For all of these reasons, landlords are increasingly using rental verification as a quick way to screen potential tenants and ensure that the tenant information they have is accurate and valid. A quick online search for rental verification services will easily provide a list of cheap options.

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