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Think About AV Equipment Service Now

Although you may not be thinking about AV equipment service when your AV products are working perfectly, it is something you should think about because when an emergency arises and you need a quick repair, it is best if you know which company’s service you are going to use. If you have not previously thought about repairs and your equipment suddenly breaks down, you will waste valuable time—that you might not have to lose—by searching for the best company. Finding that great repair service is not hard to do as long as you know what you should look for and think about when making your choice.

AV Equipment Service: A Prime Example

There are many companies offering AV equipment service that also specialize in sales and rental of AV equipment. One of these is Audio Visual Innovations. Its reputation is undeniable as it is the factory-authorized regional service center of many major brands, including Electrohome, Epson, Infocus, NEC, Panasonic, Proxima, and Sony, among others. Its varied experience includes repairs of plasma screens, slide and overhead projectors, LCD and DLP projectors, VCRs, video/data monitors, and video teleconferencing systems, just to name a few.

In addition to these respectable credentials, Audio Visual Innovations has some additional benefits. Oftentimes, repairs of AV technology can take longer than you want, requiring you to rent a replacement while yours is being repaired. This can be very costly, especially when dealing with products like projectors, so Audio Visual Innovations offers a free loaner program to customers that loans them a replacement during the repair process.

Shipping can also be expensive, so Audio Visual Innovations again picks up the bill for round-trip shipping to provide you with better service and convenience. Although this is only one possible company for AV equipment service, it is a great example of what you should look for in a repair company should you choose not to take advantage of Audio Visual Innovations.

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