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The Need for AV Furniture

There are many reasons why you might need AV furniture. Maybe you want to build your own home theater and need to maximize your space and create a sophisticated, polished look. Perhaps your classroom is really developing and you are increasingly adding important technology into the small room. You could be planning a large conference, trade show, or meeting and need to organize much audiovisual equipment without it being messy or obvious. Regardless of your specific need, the range of products that fall under the AV furniture heading is probably bigger than you imagined. You may not even have considered some of the possibilities.

The Possibilities for AV Furniture

Speaking in broad terms of companies that sell AV furniture, Bell’O contemporary furniture really has a distinct look and polished appearance. Its products can be used for plasma, projection, and standard TV monitors, as well as other AV components.

If you are looking for a list of possibilities as opposed to specific companies so that you can make a decision about which product would best work for your situation, it really depends on what kind of AV equipment you have and how it will be used. For example, in classrooms, meetings or conferences, lecterns and podiums are AV furniture that would be frequently used. If you will be dealing with the hassle of incorporating technology into your classroom even though you work in a rotating classroom environment, utility carts and video/media storage products will enable you to easily transport or secure your equipment.

Overhead projector tables can be used in homes, offices, conference facilities or classrooms, and they are recommended when space needs to be conserved. For home use, TV and VCR mounts are common and conventional but nevertheless important and functional. Other AV furniture to consider includes video consoles, LANserver stations, TV/video carts and tables, display racks, computer workstations or desks, slide filing and viewing products, library books and video trucks, presentation easels, and printer stands. Now that you have an idea of what is out there, go find the furniture that puts the finishing touches on your AV technology systems.

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