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AV Rental Software: Good for Business

If you are in the AV rental business, you know that AV rentals are in great demand now and new AV rental software could be exactly what you need to take your business from mediocrity to amazing success. All businesses have administrative and other needs that need to be met for the business to function day-to-day. Computers and specialized software have made a big difference in this area, and specific AV rental software can help your business even more. These types of software were designed specifically with AV rental companies in mind and know what you need and how to help you do it better.

Two Great Options for AV Rental Software

Offshore IT Solutions is one company that has produced a great AV rental software. RCMS Professional is a Microsoft-based software package designed for rental management and e-business applications. It offers assistance with order entry management, contract administration, reservations, inventory control, and management reports. It also enables you to keep better accounting records, access wireless data collections, and create customizable source codes. Offshore IT Solutions believes they have created a superior product, and with this in mind they offer you a no-risk try-before-you-buy option.

Another company with a worldwide reputation offering AV rental software is Rental Point Software, Inc. They have a diverse base of users, including AV rental, AV staging rental, lighting and sound, production companies, props rental, computer rental, staging rental, party and marquee rentals, and handy man and builders rental. Their software is designed to improve your business’ productivity, lower costs, and increase efficiency. Their products include the small business edition, professional edition, and enterprise edition. Powered by MS SQL Server, their software also gives users the “thin client” advantage: the ability to access your system from anywhere via the Internet. For more information on these products or to place an order, visit their websites.

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