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Reasons to Rent Wireless Microphone Systems

Anyone looking to rent wireless microphone systems understands the benefits wireless technology brings. Wireless technology advances have improved many services and products, including Internet and communications, but it is especially important in terms of microphones. Anytime that a speaker or event requires microphones, mobility is a concern. Some speakers love the security of standing behind a podium or microphone stand, but most experienced speakers and singers generally prefer the freedom to move across the stage, interacting with the audience. For these reasons, many organizers and event planners are renting wireless microphone systems to more effectively meet their audio needs.

What to Know to Rent Wireless Microphone Systems

Before you begin to rent wireless microphone systems, it is best to know a few things about wireless microphone options and capabilities. Most microphone systems will be dual, 16, or 64 channel frequency-agile. You have the option to choose which one to rent based on your needs and location. In addition, some wireless microphone systems are rack-mountable while others are not, and portability varies among systems, too.

Alpha Sound and Lighting Co. is one company offering wireless microphone systems for rent. With sales on system packages, monthly sales, and special products for $19.95 or less, it offers customers competitive, low prices and the convenience of website ordering. Its products include VHF lapel and handheld wireless microphones that allow up to twelve systems in one location, UHF frequency-agile lapel and handheld wireless microphones that allow up to twenty systems in one location, and UHF in-ear monitor systems that eliminate monitor feedback.

One of its biggest selling points is that it restocks with new wireless gear each rental season so renters experience as few problems as possible. The old systems are then sold at low, pre-used prices. This is just one of the many companies available to rent wireless microphone systems. A quick online search will uncover numerous others, each with its own benefits and deals.

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