Welcome to our Car Rental Reviews section. Flip open any phone book and you'll find dozens of car rental options. And sorting through them for the best price, service, and quality isn't always easy. That's where we come in. This section of Rental Reviews will be featuring common-sense reviews designed to help the car renting consumer make the best choices! And when it comes to car rentals, we could all use a little help!

There are dozens of legitimate questions you might ask before renting a car. Is it always safest to stick with the big boys like Hertz and Avis? Is it really necessary to buy the maximum insurance coverage for each rental? Are there certain automotive makes and models you should steer clear of? What tips will help customers get in and out of the rental office as quickly as possible? We'll be addressing dozens of everyday rental questions like those with an eye to helping the consumer.

Our Car Rental Reviews Need Your Input!

To make our car rental reviews as effective as possible, we want your input. Write and let us know about your own car rental experiences. Which car rental companies do you swear by? And - on the flip side - have any companies burned you one time too many? Check back here often, because we'll post the most interesting letters on this site.

Who knows. . .may one reader will have the perfect solution to another's problem. With everyone's involvement, let's try to make the car rental experience better for all of us!

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