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Car Rental Agency

If you’re planning a long-distance vacation anytime soon, you’re probably going to need the services of a car rental agency. If you fly to your vacation destination, there are many car rental agencies located in major airports across the country. This makes renting your vacation vehicle about as easy as picking up your luggage. Car rental agencies are not only a necessity in many places you have to fly to, but they can also be a life-saver when your primary vehicle breaks down and needs repair. Many auto repair shops will arrange a rental vehicle for its customers if repairs are going to take a few days. Of course, there are all sorts of reasons to need a rental vehicle. If you need a truck for the weekend to do some landscaping or home remodeling, a good friend or a car rental agency is just what you need.

Which Car Rental Agency is for You?

Out of the pack, which car rental agency is for you? While there are countless small-time rental agencies, there are a few big names in the industry. Some of the biggest national names are Avis, Enterprise, Thrifty, Hertz, Budget, and Alamo. Each car rental agency tries to pitch its own specialties to its consumers. You’ve probably seen the commercials for several of these companies. Avis wants you to believe they “try harder,” while Enterprise wants you to know “we’ll pick you up!” These two companies specialize in great customer service. Thrifty and Budget try to win consumers with their value. Nearly all the big rental companies now have online car rental bookings, so you can be sure you’ll get a car when and where you need it. The truth is, the rental company that can best work with your pickup and drop-off locations is probably the best for you. If two or more companies are in the same two locations you need, then you should figure out which is more important to you—a low price or superior service? Whichever is more important to you will make the choice much easier.

There are plenty of reasons to need a car rental agency. Here's a few reasons you might need one, and which agencies might be best for you...

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