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Finding a Car Rental Deal

If you planning on taking a trip soon, whether for vacation or business purposes, you might want to look for a good car rental deal rather than relying on public transportation and taxi cabs to get around. Many people who feel that they would rather save the money and use these forms of transportation might be surprised to find out that taxi cab and public transportation fares can add up to be more expensive than a car rental.

Online Car Rental Deals

In many cases, with the right amount of research, you can find the best car rental deal for you. Many companies allow travelers to reserve their rental cars ahead of time. Often this is the best way to save money, as some companies charge more for on the spot rentals that reserved ones. Most companies have websites that enable you to choose and reserve the make and model car that you want to rent as well as select any insurance or extras that you would like to purchase. These websites can then display for you an itemized bill and print a confirmation that, with most companies, you must have to pick up your car. This allows you to be a comparison shopper by comparing the different websites.

The largest setback, according to many people, to this method of renting a car is that companies who allow reservations via the internet often require a twenty percent down payment on a credit card. This down payment is subtracted from the total cost of the rental, however it is nonrefundable. This is so companies can protect themselves against people who reserve cars and then never show up to pick up the car, for whatever reason. A few people actually prefer this down payment method because it means that they spend less of their money on vacation. If they place the reservation weeks before the trip, the down payment may not necessarily come out of the same budget as money for the rest of the vacation.

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