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Essential Car Rental Insurance

Now that you have rented a car, you seriously need to think about car rental insurance. As with all things, emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can arise and you do not want to be the one to cover all the costs. If you do not have car rental insurance and something happens to the rental vehicle, you will be expected to pay the damages in full. If you do not have the financial means to cover the costs, a simple rental car experience could result in a lawsuit and much expense. How much easier to plan for all possible contingencies by paying a few extra dollars per day and protect yourself against expensive liability?

Car Rental Insurance: Tips and Information

One of the first things to know about car rental insurance is that it often covers two different kinds of costs: the actual expense of repairing the damage and the “daily use” costs that are incurred while the car is being repaired and not being used. If you have car rental insurance, you probably will not even have to think about these things because it will all be covered. However, without insurance, you will be the one with the responsibility to arrange for the repairs and pay the daily rental costs for the car while it is being repaired.

There is more than one way to secure car rental insurance. Obviously, rental car companies generally offer—and recommend—rental insurance to all their customers because they know that in addition to protecting the vehicle, it will save the company trouble in the long run if the renter has insurance. However, sometimes these temporary insurance policies will be slightly more expensive that outside rental car insurance coverage.

There are outside companies who provide coverage for rental cars for around $7 a day. Using an outside insurance company might save you money (MIGHT), but using the rental company’s insurance is by far more convenient. Another option to consider is your own car insurance policy. Some car insurance policies cover rental cars. However, if you choose to use this option, be sure that your policy will cover the rental car and provide appropriate coverage of expenses.

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