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Information on a Car Hire In Heathrow

A car hire in Heathrow Airport might be in your future if you are planning a vacation to the United Kingdom. Many people who travel to the United Kingdom fly into Heathrow Airport, which is one of the larger and more popular airports in England. Because of this, there are many locations inside the airport to hire a car. You can hire a car, in much like the way you rent a car in the United States, to keep and drive during your stay. Another option that is available is that you can hire a driver to drive you to your destination in order to save the hassle of hailing a taxi cab.

FAQ's About a Car Hire in Heathrow

There are many questions that people have when they are considering a car hire in Heathrow. Some of these questions concern age requirements, the makes and models of cars that are available and whether specific cars can be reserved. Additional questions concern the documentation that is needed to college the car, booking confirmations, and whether a deposit is required to book a vehicle in advance.

The following paragraph is designed to answer some of the questions mentioned above and others that you might have concerning car hires in Heathrow. Generally the minimum age limit to hire a car is 25. Many companies also have a maximum age limit that is set at 70 years of age. These limits vary from company to company, so check with the agent that you are hiring from to be sure. There are many makes and models of cars available, but the specifics also differ from company to company. It is nearly impossible to guarantee that you will be able to hire a certain type of car, but the company will always do their best to fit your needs. To collect a car that you booked in advance, you will need your driver’s license, major credit card, and rental voucher that you received with your confirmation via email. This confirmation should arrive in your email within a few days of booking, provided that you supplied accurate credit card information. In addition, if you book your car hire online, a booking fee of 20% is required. This amount is taken off the total price of your car hire.

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