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Costa Rica Car Rental: Take Care

Okay, so you are traveling to Costa Rica and Costa Rica car rental seems like a good idea…but wait. Before you decide to rent the car, there are definitely some things to consider. First and foremost is that Costa Rica is a foreign country, and because of that there are many differences in the way everything is done. The most obvious obstacle is language, and although there are many English speakers in Costa Rica since it is so popular with American tourists, the reality is that there will be times when English communication is not available. If you have a problem or need to accurately communicate about an important issue and do not speak Spanish, there could be negative implications or complications.

Advice for Costa Rica Car Rental

Another thing to consider about Costa Rica car rental is that driving in a foreign country is very different than driving in your home country. Do not assume that just because you know how to drive (and probably have been driving for many years) that you will have no problems. In addition to differences in driving laws, the driving system is quite possibly not as institutionalized or reliable as what you are used to. The roads may be in worse condition, the drivers may be more radical, and there may be a disregard of traffic laws in general, all making foreign streets more dangerous and less navigable.

If you are determined to rent a car while in Costa Rica, take these precautions to ensure your safety as much as possible. First, either know the language or take someone with you who can translate when you go to rent the car. This will help you avoid confusion over rental policies and terms and prevent you from getting a bad car or unfair price. Second, take the time to familiarize yourself with traffic laws. Take special notice of minor difference because they could have a big impact later. When driving, be especially cautious and alert, since the other drivers may not be. With proper care and planning, your trip to Costa Rica—even with a rental car—can be fun and problem-free.

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