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One Way Car Rental

There are many circumstances that might lead a person to require a one way car rental. The circumstances might include an instance where a person drives to a vacation location and then flies home, or an instance where a person is moving from one city to another and requires a car to transport a portion of their belongings. No matter the reason, there are many car rental companies that can provide you with the one way rental that you need.

What is a One Way Car Rental?

A one way car rental is one where the rented car is only needed to travel from one city to another. This is different from an ordinary car rental where the rental car is used to travel to another location and then back. This type of car rental requires that the rental car be returned to the same rental company location that it was originally rented from. A one way rental allows the renter to drop the car off at a branch of the rental company at their destination. Because of this difference, many companies charge a drop fee for one way renting because of the extra charges that the company incurs to transport the car from its drop off location back to the location where it was originally rented.

Other than the difference in where the rental car is dropped off, ordinary car rentals and one way car rentals are very similar. There are many options for the types of cars that are available for renting. The price of the rental usually depends on the type of car rented, its color, and any insurance or additional services that are required. The price can also depend on the sales tax rate for the state in which you rent the car and any airport fees or taxes that may apply. For both types of rentals, the minimum age is usually twenty five years of age.

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