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Is A Sports Car Rental For You?

There are many different aspects to think about when considering a sports car rental over that of another vehicle category. Some things to think about are the differences in fuel efficiency, insurance and repair costs and, the most obvious, price. Fuel efficiency really depends on the car itself. Some of those sleek sports cars, such as a Ferrari, guzzle gas while others, such as the Toyota MR2 Spyder, get fairly good gas mileage. Insurance and repair on a sports car can be fairly expensive, though how much also depends on the car itself. When dealing with repair, the availability of parts also has to be taken into consideration especially when dealing with low-production and imported models. The most thought about issue when considering a sports car rental is price. Prices on sports cars have a range that is very broad, more so than most other types of automobiles. The prices on the low end of the spectrum are very compatible with prices of other categories; however at the upper end of the spectrum they can reach six figures.

Which Sports Car Rental Is For you?

Suppose you have weighed your options and have decided that a sports car rental is indeed for you. Unfortunately that is not the end of your decision making. You now have to decide which car to rent. Sports cars fit into three basic groups, two-door cars, exotic cars, and high-performance cars. These three categories can be compared to determine which car best fits your needs in relation to the same considerations that you considered in deciding whether a sports car rental was the best option for you.

The two-door cars win the award for having the best fuel efficiency of the three. Exotic type cars tend to be the worst car in relation to gas mileage however high-performance cars are not far behind. This same pattern follows for the price range consideration, with two-doors being the least expensive and exotic cars being the most expensive. Other minor aspects of the different categories that you might consider are road handling, amount of passenger and storage space, and the appeal to thieves.

There are so many things to consider when deciding whether a sports car rental is right for you that the process might seem a little overwhelming. However, the ideas mentioned above are a good place to start your comparision shopping.

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