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The UK and Rental Cars: What Everyone Should Know

If you will soon be traveling in the UK for either business or pleasure, chances are you have some questions about UK rental cars. For example, how much can you expect to pay for a rental car? Which companies are the most widely used and highly recommended? How is the rental process different from that of the United States?

Fortunately, you have stumbled upon the best place to get a crash-course in UK car rentals. In the next few paragraphs you will find the answers to several frequently asked questions, as well as information on how to do your own research and who to contact for further options.

Crash Course in UK Rental Cars

Welcome to the quickest available crash course in UK rental cars! Thankfully, UK car rental policies tend to be very similar to those used in the United States. Some companies even offer one-way services, which basically means that you can leave your car at a company site other than the one you originally rented from. Additionally, you can rent online from several companies and/or reserve a car in the airport, both of which are immensely popular choices.

Luckily, many of the popular car rental companies in the United States are also widely used in the UK. For example, Hertz advertises its compact cars for $44 a day ($220 a week) or less at participating locations. Other popular companies include Alamo, Europcar, Budget, Thrifty, and Enterprise. The best thing to do is visit each of these websites, where you will be asked to fill out a form with what dates you will be needing the car, where you will pick up/drop off the car, what type of car you desire, etc. After being given a quote, you can feel free to choose which company best suits your needs and budgets.

As always, do your own research before you decide to enter into a rental contract. Make sure you understand the costs for insurance, etc., that may be "hidden" in the fine print. Also, when doing Internet searches for more information, remember that car "rentals" are often referred to as car "hires" in the UK.

Have a safe and happy trip!

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