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Learning to Rent Laptop Computers

Until about a year ago, I did not know that you could rent laptop computers from the library media center at my university. My teammates and I were on a bus, traveling to one of our races, when one of them pulled out a laptop computer. We were all very interested and wanted to know where she got it. She told us that the media center allows students to checkout laptop computers for basically any reason. There is no payment or deposit or anything. All you do is show your school ID and walk out with a computer in hand.

My Turn to Rent Laptop Computers

Even though I thought it was great that our university allowed students to checkout or rent laptop computers, I never really had a reason to use the service. I have a computer in my apartment and it generally meets all my needs. However, there are definite benefits to having a laptop, not least of which is its small size and portability. I would not want to carry a laptop with me at all times, but sometimes you really need a computer that is easy to transport.

I found this out firsthand this past week when I was asked to give a presentation about one of my travel experiences at a club meeting. I had many pictures that I wanted to use during my talk, so I decided to make a power point presentation to showcase them effectively. I talked to my technology teacher to find out how I could connect a computer to a TV to show the presentation on the larger TV screen, but I had to find a computer that I could bring the room where the meeting would be help. So, I went to rent a laptop. It was, in fact, as easy as my teammate had said it was. I walked in and five minutes later I walked out, holding my “rented” laptop, ready to give my presentation.

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