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Blockbuster Movie Rental: Sizing Up

With a Blockbuster movie rental membership, thousands of movies are at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Not to be outdone by other online rental stores, Blockbuster has a few tricks up their sleeve that might be intriguing to those already familiar with the store as well as customers that are more interested in movies than games.

Blockbuster has a sticky situation with the new online rental phenomenon. The decision had to be made to either join in and risk losing some business in its thousands of stores across the country, or stay out hoping that the fad would not catch on. Well, obviously the decision has been made and you’ll be happy Blockbuster decided to get in the game.

In order to keep the brick and mortar stores happy, Blockbuster has added a twist to its membership. Not only do you have the same benefits that other services offer like doing away with due dates and mailing charges, but you receive two free in-store coupons each month that can be used for movies or games at any participating Blockbuster in the U.S. VHS tapes are also available along with DVD's. Why would you need to have in-store rentals, you ask? They’re great for those trips to grandma’s house for the holidays or as gifts to a friend.

No Games with Blockbuster Movie Rental?

Unfortunately, the Blockbuster movie rental service excludes its gaming community. I find this surprising, but Blockbuster must know that most of their customers are coming for movies, not games or this would not be the case. However, if you are mostly interested in gaming side of online rentals, the Game Pass allows for unlimited in-store game rentals with similar rules as the online movies.

By giving away the free in-store movie/game coupons, Blockbuster insures regular customers continually darkening the doorways of its stores and allows those that have a occasional interest in video games to fulfill their wants with either media.

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