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Look for a quirky collection of art films, foreign films and alternative lifestyle videos for rent and you'll probably find CafeDVD. It's not for everybody but it'll be right for a few people.

A small DVD Movie club, CafeDVD caters to a specific niche in the DVD rental market. Don't expect to find a large inventory of the latest DVD's here. They're not. But you will find a surprisingly nice collection of art, foreign, independant, classic and various hard-to-find movies. They've been around since 1999 which is an eternity on the web.

CafeDVD rental pricing is pretty normal. You can get 2 rentals at a time for $15/month, 3 at a time for $20/month and 4 DVDs checked out at a time for $24/month. Unlike most dvd rental services, they also offer a pay per rental option. You can rent 1 or 2 movies for just $2.49. That's a nice option for those who don't do movies often.

They claim to have 5,000 titles available with plans to expand to 60,000.

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