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Looking for Cheap DVD Rentals?

If you're looking for cheap DVD rentals, Rental Reviews may have some surprising news for you! Our staff recently conducted a survey of the most popular DVD rental choices for consumers. We wanted to find out if video stores chains like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video can still be competitive against a variety of new DVD rental options now entering the marketplace. And we measured each DVD rental choice in three key categories: (1) Price, (2) Service, and (3) Convenience. Here's what we found. . .

Up to now, the popular DVD rental venue for consumers has been the traditional neighborhood video store - a field dominated by the two "majors". . .Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. But some serious competition has arrived in the form of online DVD rental sites like GameZnFlix and NetFlix. Where Blockbuster and Hollywood charge about $4.00 per rental (and charge heavy late fees), both GameZnflix and NetFlix offer membership packages with no late fees attached. At NetFlix, you can rent up to three movies at a time for a monthly membership of $21.99. GameZnFlix also offers three rentals per transaction, but their monthly fee is only $18.50. . . a savings of almost $42.00 per year!

Our Advice for Cheap DVD Rentals

Here's our advice for cheap DVD rentals. The online rental site edges out with an annual member savings of almost $42.00. In other areas, both services offer a two week trial membership and both feature free to-and-from shipping of the DVDs you rent. Overall, then, GameZnFlix gets our nod for best price, while both GameZnFlix and NetFix easily beat Blockbuster and other video stores for service and convenience. Combine the gasoline savings by elminating round trips to a video stores each week, and online renting is a huge improvement over traditional video store rentals.

Some forecasters predict that yet another new rental option is on the horizon. Some large movie theatres have placed vending machines in their lobbies where customers can select from the top 20 videos or DVDs. Now the McDonald's chain is experimenting with this concept in selected areas. And while customers can save slightly over the fees charged by major video stores, the vending machine option still can't top the savings and selection of online rental sites! So for now and the near future, we believe that online DVD rentals will offer the best value to consumers!

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