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How CleanFilms Movies Work

If you're wondering how CleanFilms movies work, you've come to the right place. CleanFilms offer popular movies that have been edited for a cleaner film. These movies still have the same story line and cast, but you won't find any offensive language, nudity or violence.

Are you still not sure how CleanFims can edit all their movies? The process is rather simple. Professionals edit movies by dropping the volume for offensive language or cutting scenes with nudity, sex, or extreme violence. This is basically the same as watching a movie that has been edited for TV. Don’t subject yourself and children to objectionable movies any longer. Let CleanFilms be your primary rental source.

CleanFilms Movies: Free Trial

CleanFilms movies offer a free trial for first time customers. If you haven’t checked out the edited movies from CleanFilms, now is a good time. Interested yet? If so, go online and sign up for a 15 day trial and start renting. You will get to choose from all the movies they offer and even receive free shipping.

The free trial allows you to rent two movies at a time and pay absolutely nothing. As soon as you finish your first two movies, send them back and your next selections will be on their way. CleanFilms also provides a “my queue” section. This is an on-going list of movies that you wish to see. Instead of having to go online each time you want a new movie, they will automatically send you the next one in line.

You will have a complete 15 days to try all the movies you wish. Make sure to cancel your membership before the 15 days are up or your credit card will be charged a full month of rentals. There are no obligations and you can cancel at any time. This also applies to the regular membership that can be purchased for $19.95 per month.

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