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Be Smart: Rent Cleanfilms

Parents, be smart and rent Cleanfilms. This is an online renting service that offers you a cleaner version of all your favorite movies. These days it’s hard to find movies that don't have violence, nudity and obscene language. If you hate subjecting your children or even yourself to these movies, CleanFilms is the way to go.

The online rental site is available to everyone and is very cost-effective. For a low monthly fee, $19.95 to be exact, you get all the DVDs you want a month. The movies have all been professionally edited and are also available for purchase. If you aren't convinced just yet, check out their free 15-day trial. This will give you ample time to rent some of your favorite movies and see what they have to offer.

Renting CleanFilms Online

Renting CleanFilms online is simple. If you have a computer, credit card, and just a few minutes, you're set! The membership process is easy and once that’s complete you're ready to start choosing your list of movies.

Movies can be searched by genre, by alphabetical order, or you can search a specific movie by title, actor, or keywords. CleanFilms also allows you to request movies they don’t carry. If you don't see what you're looking for, you will be able to create a list of movies for them to try and get.

You may be wondering how long it takes to receive your DVDs. The usual shipping time is 4-6 business days. Each DVD also comes with its own prepaid, self-addressed return mailer for your convenience. As you can see, renting from CleanFilms is a pretty easy process. If you do have questions, their website has an extensive list of frequent questions and answers to help you out.

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