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Finding a DVD Club

When looking for a DVD club you will inevitably realize that there are several to chose from. We here at have taken it upon ourselves to gather pertinent information about many of the more well-known clubs to help you make a well-informed decision about them.

Recent months have seen the proliferation of a new phenomenon—the online rental industry. First made popular by a company known as Netflix, these businesses make obsolete the need to drive to a local video store to rent a movie and carry it home, assuming that they don’t have all their copies rented out. They are convenient, inexpensive, and generally carry wide selections ready for shipment on demand. These businesses include the aforementioned Netflix, GameznFlix, and even Blockbuster has ventured into this market.

DVD Clubs: Making the Choice

When comparing these DVD clubs you will find that they are all comparable in price, generally ranging from $17 to $19 per month, so price will probably not be a deciding factor. Blockbuster is a well-known name in the movie rental industry and that fact alone may influence many people to subscribe with them, but they do not rent games through their online service.

GameznFlix says they're committed to having the lowest price and they allow you to rent games as well. If you try their free trail and are happy, Gamenflix offers the best deal if you prepay for a year, less than $16/month for 8 dvds/games out at a time. That's less than half what the competition charges for 8 at a time.

Netflix is a good middle-of-the-road alternative for someone interested in paying a premium for the slightly quicker shipping that they offer. With a ton of distribution centers around the US, Netflix usually gets your DVD to you about a day quciker than the other dvd rental companies.

If you enjoy the convenience of renting movies online but don’t like waiting three business days for your movie to arrive, there are alternatives to the rental-style club. Businesses are developing, such as, that allow you to download DVDs via a broadband internet connection. They are viewable for a specific amount of time, usually 30 days, and then become useless and can be deleted. The file sizes are very large, prohibitively so on dial-up or even most broadband connections. But if you have the massive bandwidth to make it feasible then this may be a very appealing option. The downside is that it's slow even on the fastest modems. Should be a good option a few years down the road.

There are many more online rental businesses than those discussed here, but, as with anything online, the more obscure the company, the more likely it is to be a scam. With the price and selection of the more popular ones there’s really no reason to consider the others. That very aspect also makes it likely that this trend will continue to grow, possibly to the point that one day movie stores will cease to exist.

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