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DVD Movie Rental

If you've ever settled in for a long night of horror flicks or romantic dramas, chances are you've also made at least one DVD movie rental. But, are you renting movies the right way? For example, are you paying the cheapest possible price while also getting exceptional quality and sound? In the next few paragraphs, you will discover the most important secrets of movie rental and how to make them work for you!

The ABC's of DVD Movie Rentals

Because movie rentals are relatively easy and inexpensive, especially for older titles, most consumers don't take the time to learn the ABC's of DVD movie rentals. However, there are a few trade tips you need to learn before walking into the first rental place you see.

First, you should ask yourself whether you wish to rent movies the old-fashioned way (i.e., by walking into a rental store) or the new, high-tech way (via the Internet). If you rarely rent movies, the rental store is definitely the way to go, since you pay by the movie. However, if you watch several movies a month, the Internet is definitely your best option. Several companies out there offer unlimited movie rentals with no late fees for a flat monthly fee, and the best part is that shipping is free for you. It does take at least one business day to receive your desired movies, but if you plan ahead, this shouldn't be a problem at all.

Secondly, you should make the all-important distinction between DVD and VHS. Generally, DVDs are preferred for several reasons. The quality and sound is usually better, they frequently have bonus features not found in VHS tapes, and they are more compact and easy to handle. Don't be fooled into thinking that DVDs don't have their drawbacks, though: DVDs, like CDs, can become scratched and "skip" through parts of the pictures and/or sound (but at least there isn't risk of the tape breaking, as in VHS). Also, many DVDs come in different cases, depending on whether they are widescreen or fullscreen, so be sure to carefully check the back of the box if this type of thing bothers you. DVD rentals are usually slightly more expensive than VHS, but because most video stores now stock more DVD than VHS videos, your chances of finding the movie you want on DVD are considerably higher.

Finally, remember to keep your cost down by choosing how long you want to keep the movie and where you wish to rent it (if renting the old-fashioned way). Most stores charge a late fee if movies are returned even a day after they are due, so be sure to return the movie on time. If you know you are going to be late, inquire about an extended rental or simply rent the movie for two blocks of time. Remember that dropping the movie in the return box and driving away does not make your late fee disappear. You will be reminded of it (and required to pay it) next time you visit, and some stores will even send you bills through the mail. For additional savings, compare the prices for large chain stores to local stores. There is no set pattern for which will be cheaper, but remember to wisely comparative shop. Check how many days you get to keep the movie before you decide where to rent. For example, while a 99-cent rental from a local store may seem cheap, if you get to keep it for only one night, a $3.95 5-day rental from a chain store might actually be your best bet.

As with most purchases, do a little research. Look online for movie reviews to make sure you will not be disappointed in your pick, and make sure you check into online DVD rentals if that is something which might interest you. Now, sit down in front of your computer or hop in your car and get your favorite DVD movie rental for this weekend. Happy viewing!

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