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DVD Online Rental

If you rent multiple movies each month, are tired of all those late fees, love getting mail, or are simply tired of going to the video store, a DVD online rental might be just the thing for you! Chances are you've seen at least one advertisement for Netflix or one of the other popular online rental stores on television or viewed at least one pop-up when surfing the Internet, but you might have been a little suspicious of their "free" trials or been confused about how the whole process works.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn of the six major online rental companies, including information on their policies and free trials, as well as advice on whether a DVD online rental is right for you.

Easy DVD Online Rentals

In today's technologically-savvy world, there are six major companies for easy DVD online rentals: Netflix, Gameznflix, eHit, DVDhype, Wal-Mart, and Blockbuster.

Netflix ( is arguably the most popular online rental company, serving more than 2 million subscribers each month. Their service is quite simple and involves only three basic steps. First, you will visit the website and pick the movies you wish to view. This process closely resembles online shopping. Secondly, the movies will be shipped to you and often arrive within one business day. Finally, after viewing the movies, you return them to the company in the postage-paid envelope provided. Once received, the company will mail you the next movies on your list. It's that simple! And the best part is that there are no late fees and unlimited movie rentals (but only three out at a time) for only $17.99 a month plus tax. Netflix also offers a truly free 14-day trial.

The other rental companies mentioned previously are very similar in format to Netflix but with slight differences. Gameznflix ( is the same as Netflix, including the free trial, except that they also offer video games, and their monthly fee is only $17.25 a month. eHit ( specializes in both English and Chinese DVDs. They also allow you to have four DVDs out at a time, but you must return them two at a time, and they offer only a 10-day trial. DVDhype ( ships to Canada ONLY, so be sure to check their website if you are interested. Wal-Mart's ( membership plan is the same as Netflix for $17.36 a month, and they offer a free 30-day trial! Blockbuster ( has the same membership plan as Netflix for $17.49 a month and offers a 14-day trial. However, subscribers to Blockbuster's service also receive two in-store game or movie rentals a month as an added bonus!

If you think you might be interested in DVD online rentals, you should research these websites. Feel free to sign up for all free trials (remember to cancel before the end of the trial to avoid being charged). Also, use online search engines to find rival companies that may be cheaper or better suited to your needs. Happy viewing!

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