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Chart the Differences among DVD Rental Companies

Because of the growing popularity of online DVD rental companies, to help you make the decision of which one you want to subscribe to, it is a good idea to make a DVD rental chart. A DVD rental chart will allow you to compare the most common features of the most popular companies to show you who has the best service in the areas that matter to you. However, going from website to website can be time-consuming and tedious, so Rental Reviews has done the work for you.

DVD Rental Chart: Compare and Decide

In constructing this DVD rental chart, six companies were investigated because they seem to be the most popular and well known: Blockbuster, Clean Films, DVD Avenue, GamezNFlix, NetFlix, and Walmart. It should be noted that Clean Films has an immediate distinction from the other companies because it offer films that have been edited for content so that they can be watched by families regardless of rating.

Concerning selection, DVD Avenue has 9,000 titles, while Walmart has 16,000, Blockbuster and NetFlix both have 25,000 and GamezNFlix has 28,000. Clean Films, DVD Avenue and GamezNFlix all have delivery times of 3-5 days, but Blockbuster offers 2-3 day delivery and NetFlix 1-3 days. Regarding their websites, Clean Films and DVD Avenue received three stars, Blockbuster and Walmart four, and NetFlix and GamezNFlix five. All of the companies except NetFlix have a DVD purchase option; however, DVD Avenue offers only used movies and GamezNFlix gives members a discount on purchase price.

Blockbuster gives subscribers the choice of three purchase plans and its 3-out plan is $17.49; Clean Films, DVD Avenue, and GamezNFlix all offer five plans and the prices for their 3-out plans are $27.95, $19.95, and $17.25, respectively. NetFlix and Walmart both have three plan options and their 3-out prices are $17.99 and $17.36, respectively. If interested in trying out the service before buying, every company offers either a two-week or fifteen-days trial period except DVD Avenue, and Walmart has extended its trial period to thirty days.

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