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DVD Rental Clubs

If your idea of a wonderful night is one where you spend the evening curled up on the couch with the perfect movie, then you might want to check out some DVD rental clubs. There are many different options available when searching for a rental club that is right for you. Depending on the options that you prefer, you can choose to have movies mailed to you or you can pick them up yourself at your local movie rental store.

Types of DVD Rental Clubs

Many movie rental stores, especially those that are a part of a chain, have a DVD rental clubs that renters are allowed to join. Joining these movie rental clubs is simple. Often, the only thing that the process involves is filling out a registration form and paying a fee. Depending on the rental company and the club that you join, this fee that you pay may either be a one time fee or a monthly fee. Usually, the rental clubs that you can join through local movie rental stores can offer you free rentals, either through deals such as two for one specials or a free rental for every ten that you purchase. In addition, some rental companies might offer you simple discounts towards the price of your movies, allow you extra days to hold them for viewing, or add insurance for free.

Rental companies that you deal with via the Internet have a version of DVD rental clubs that is a little different from the standard definition that a local store might have. These rental clubs allow you to pay a monthly fee to rent a certain amount of movies at one time. They will mail the movies to you, allow you to keep them as long as you want, and then mail you more upon the return of the ones you currently have. If you pay an additional fee you can join their rewards club and receive things like a free rental for a time period, and free insurance.

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