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Review of Companies Offering DVD Rental

The popularity of DVD rental companies is vastly growing on the internet and it can be hard to commit to just one. The most popular companies that offer DVD rentals are Netflix, GamezNFlix, and Blockbuster Online.

These companies typically charge a monthly membership fee that correlates with the number of DVD's that you choose to have out at a time. The biggest advantage of this is that there are no late fees. You can keep your DVDs for as long as you desire. All three of these companies offer free trial offers and signing up for a test run is highly recommended.

Free trials are often strenuous on the customer because they have to call the company to cancel and end up getting hassled about wanting to cancel. Cancelling with any of these three top dvd rental companies, however, is a very smooth transition. Instead of calling, the cancellation process is over and done with in a matter of a few clicks on the website. This prevents any stress level whatsoever in the customer, making the DVD rental service a pleasant experience.

Recommendations for DVD Rental Companies

If you make it through the free trial and enjoy the experience, skip the cancellation and you'll start getting billed for your membership fee. With a few clicks, you can have dozens of movies lined up to be sent to you as soon as you return another one. Returning your DVDs after having your fill is easy. The DVD that you rent includes a pre-paid postage envelope with simple directions that anyone can decipher. In no time at all, your DVD is in the mail and your next DVD will soon be on its way.

So which company offers the best service? seems to offer a good deal for your money. Netflix may have a slightly higher rate, but they're the market leader with the most experience in online dvd rentals. Alot of customers say that their customer service and ease of use cannot be beaten.

Blockbuster online has a slightly lower monthly rate, but isn't as strightforward about their fees and offerings. One promotion that they've run offers "Unlimited Rentals Online or In-Store." To many, that sounds like you can do both but the details tell you it's not what you expect.

Although Blockbuster Online prominently mentions Video Game Rentals on their website, they only offer game rentals in their stores. On the other hand, GameZnFlix is the only one of these three online dvd rental companies that offers video game rentals. Their website's navigation isn't quite as intuitive as other sites but it does seem to offer similar selections. You just have to dig a little deeper to find the titles. If you're a gamer and you rent movies, Gamesnflix is the easy choice. If you're just interested in movie rentals, it's more of a tossup between these three dvd rental clubs.

It all truly depends on your liking. If you sign up for any of the three, you will not be disappointed.

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