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Compare Sites for DVD Rental Services

When you are wanting to subscribe to a service offering any kind of DVD rental, compare things like rate, service, ease of use, and selection. When people look for services offering DVD rentals, most are venturing to the online genre. Thanks to the internet, the DVD rental market is growing, and it's hard to find just the right service for you. That is exactly why we are here. So, which service is the best? Let's compare them!

There are three main online DVD rental sites that everyone should consider when trying to narrow down their choices. These great services include,, and Blockbuster online. Below we will look at the differences between these three services.

Comparison of DVD Rental Services

When trying to make a decision about any DVD rental, compare things like rate, service, ease of use, and selection. First, let's look at the rates between Gameznflix, Netflix, and Blockbuster Online. Gamezflix has a monthly rate of $17.25 for having 3 movies or games out at a time. Netflix's monthly rate is at $17.99 for the same amount of only movies out at a time. Blockbuster Online, on the other hand, blows the two out of the water with a low $14.99 a monthly fee for three movies. So far, Blockbuster looks like the best selection.

But what about service? Netflix seems to offer the best service without any hassle whatsoever. Blockbuster and Gameznflix also offer great service, but they just don't seem quite up to par. Netflix is also extremely easy to use. Signing up and cancelling can be done with a few clicks at any time of the day with no one to call. The DVDs will come with a notice sent to your email scheduling their arrival, and once there it is so simple. There are incredibly easy instructions on the envelopes with pre-paid postage envelopes ready to send the DVD back when you are done. The selection is also tremendous, with a top 100 list of the most popular movies rented from Netflix. They hav a great selection of new releases and older films, and most, if not all movies are available to rent. GameznFlix, on the other hand, has a decent selection of movies along with video games to rent. They have a decent balance of the two, but lack the selection that Netflix has. Blockbuster also has a great selection, except most of the more popular titles are not available to rent.

Overall, it all truly all depends on your liking, but Netflix seems to offer the best quality and quantity for just a miniscule increased rate. If you truly want to know which service best suits you, try the free trial offers! Most services offer free two week trials with no hassle. You won't be disappointed with any of these great services.

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