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DVD Rental Delivery Impacts Choice of Company

If you have been considering online DVD rental but have not thought about DVD rental delivery, you could be ignoring a crucial part of the overall scheme. Obviously, if you rent DVDs online, you cannot just drive to the store to pick them up like you would if you were renting from a traditional movie store.

Movies rented online are delivered to your house by mail, and this delivery time could be an issue for you if you want to have your movie in hand as soon as you decide you would like to watch it. However, even if you do not mind some delivery time, you should still know that delivery times vary widely among companies and can really distinguish between great online rental companies and terrible ones.

Wondering about DVD Rental Delivery?

The time required for DVD rental delivery really depends on the company. Typically, the larger and more established online rental companies have faster delivery times because they have more distribution centers located around the country. Therefore, you have a greater chance of being located near a distribution center (and receiving your movies more quickly) than if the company only had one or two centers to service the entire country. One of the most popular companies, NetFlix, advertises delivery times of one to three days and movies usually arrive within this short window. With other companies, however, movie delivery can take as long as a week.

If you want to investigate firsthand the DVD delivery time of different companies before you actually make the decision to subscribe to their service, you should take advantage of the free two-week or ten-day trial periods offered by almost all of the online rental companies. During this free trial, potential customers can order as many movies as they wish (adhering to the normal limit of movies allowed out at a time) and therefore find out how quickly ordered movies arrive at their home. This opportunity to try out the service gives potential customers valuable information about the quality of service they can expect to receive and can help them make their decision more easily about which company they prefer.

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