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Online Benefits for DVD Rental

For customers, dvd rental online is an uncomplicated process that includes five repetitive steps: select movies or videogames, receive, watch, return, receive more. Netflix, which has over 35,000 movie titles and Gameznflix, which has over 60,000 movie titles and videogames, are two popular websites for dvd rental. Both offer free trials and guarantee no charges to customer accounts if cancelled within the trial period. Signing up for the service only takes a few moments. After providing shipping and billing information, customers create a login identification and password. That’s all that is required to select from thousands of movie titles and videogames.

Selecting dvd’s is relatively simple. Netflix gives customers the opportunity to click on each movie title that they would want to watch. Each title selected is placed in a rental queue, comparable to an online shopping cart. Up to 500 movies are stored in the rental queue. Customers determine the maximum number of dvd's shipped to them at one time. If a customer signs up for the plan that ships three dvd’s at once, the first three dvd’s in the rental queue are automatically shipped. If one of the three dvd’s is returned, the next available item in the rental queue is shipped. If all three dvd’s are returned at the same time, the next three available items in the rental queue will be shipped. This process continues until each item in the rental queue is eventually shipped to the customer.

Customers can expect to receive thier orders soon after they’ve selected three movie titles for their rental queue. The dvd rental online distributors ship to customers every day except Saturday and Sunday. Since there are no time limits or due dates, customers can return the dvd’s at their own convenience. When ready for new dvd's, customers return the dvd's back to the distributor in the pre-paid envelope provided. The next available item in the rental queue is shipped after the distributor receives the returned movie or videogame.

Benefiting from DVD Rental Online

Over 3 million customers are subscribed to dvd rental online services such as Netflix and Gameznflix because of the benefits that movie rental retailers do not provide. There are no late fees or due dates, a much broader movie selection and 24-hour access to dvd selection and account information. For avid movie watchers and video game fanatics, this service is ideal. Customers can select dvd’s according to reviews, ratings, recommendations, directors, and actors. There are no due dates or late fees for dvd rental online, but a customer will not receive more dvd’s if the maximum number of dvd’s allotted have not been returned to the distributor. Customers are able to view all transactions and shipping information for their account. If customers are dissatisfied with the service, they can easily cancel at any time, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. These services only cost around $20 per month.

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