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DVD Rental Service Overview

A good DVD rental service can allow you to rent and enjoy anything from your favorite movie to the latest action packed release without ever leaving your couch, except to make the popcorn of course. There are many rental services like this, which send you the movies that you are interested in seeing in the mail.

Types of DVD Rental Services

A DVD rental service like this is accessible through the Internet. There are many different services offered that all have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of these services are special Internet companies and some are actual rental stores who offer additional services through their website. For these services, you often have to be a member of the store’s membership or rewards club. However, for the services that an Internet based company offers, all you need is a basic membership like you would have with your local rental store.

There are basic differences in the way that an Internet based rental service and your local rental store operates however. While the membership that enables you to rent from your local store may be free, you must pay for each individual rental. An Internet based service requires that you pay a monthly membership fee, but you do not have to pay for each rental that you get. In addition, there are no late fees with an Internet based service. Whereas your local rental store requires that you return the movies or games within a certain time frame or pay late fees, you can keep movies and games from an Internet company as long as you please. The only thing is that you may only rent out a certain number at a time. This number is set in your registration form and is a key factor in the amount of the monthly fee that you pay. In a little more detailed explanation, with Internet rental services you create a ranked list of the movies and games that you would like to rent. The company sends you the top so many on your list and as you return them, they send you the next ones on your list.

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