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Finding a Store for DVD Rental

Looking for the right online DVD rental store can be like fighting the crowds at the mall during Christmas. Search results bring up dozens of choices ranging from different countries to specialized DVD categories. We at would like to help you make sense of all the choices.

An obvious initial question you have to ask yourself is if the monthly charge is worth the service. The answer is yes… maybe. For somewhere between $15 and $20 you have a list of several hundred to several thousand movie titles and sometimes video games to choose from. If you are someone that pays the average $4 to $5 per movie at the local movie store more than three times a month then in most cases the move would be a wise one.

Choosing a DVD Rental Store

Which DVD rental store best fits you will depend greatly on your wants. Knowing answers to questions like, “Do you want to rent only DVD’s or would you also like video games?” narrows down your options to a degree. Do you also need to be able to rent VHS tapes? This will bring the list down quickly. Few online rental sites offer VHS simply because they are more expensive to ship and in less demand. Once you have narrowed things down a bit by answering those questions, your search engine results will be fewer and more tailored.

Now that you have arrived at the right mall, you need to ask questions that will lead you to the perfect place. How does price play into the equation? Does a faster delivery time help? Would you prefer a well-known brand name rather than the new kid on the block? Also, does it matter if your store has the newest releases? Does the store allow for customer feedback and ratings on the movies? And finally, which one do you like best. Because honestly, as a consumer, you have the control. And if you want to try a few services out just because you can, then grab a toothpick sample and keep on walking. Something is bound to fit you and your tastes just fine.

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