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'By Post': New Option for Rental of DVD

If you have just now heard of DVD rental by post, you are a little behind. This online DVD rental has been available for years now and the number of companies only continues to grow, while their customer bases also continue to increase. The reasons for the popularity on DVD rental by post are primarily convenience and cost savings. After choosing the titles you want to see from their websites, your selected movies will arrive at your house by mail in a few days. Additional benefits that translate both into convenience and savings are the freedom to keep the DVDs for as long as you like without worrying about due dates or ever paying late fees.

Comparisons of DVD Rental by Post

There are many companies on the market now that offer DVD rental by post because it is becoming a very lucrative business endeavor. To decide which one is best for you, it is a good idea to compare their most common features and especially look at the ones most important to you. The six most common or well-known companies are Blockbuster, Clean Films, DVD Avenue, GamezNFlix, NetFlix, and Walmart. In terms of selection, GamezNFlix has the largest with 28,000 titles. NetFlix and Blockbuster both have 25,000, while Walmart has 16,000 and DVD Avenue has 9,000. The most common delivery time is 3-5 days, and Clean Films, DVD Avenue, and GamezNFlix all offer this speed of delivery. Only Blockbuster (2-3 days) and NetFlix (1-3 days) say they can send you your movies faster.

Because these are web-based companies, websites are a big component of their business. Clean Films and DVD Avenue received three stars for their websites, while Blockbuster and Walmart got four and GamezNFlix and NetFlix both received five. To help you make your decision, Blockbuster, Clean Films, GamezNFlix, and NetFlix offer a two-week or fifteen days trial period and Walmart offers a thirty-day period.

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