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Online Usage Guide: DVD Rentals

DVD rentals online have revolutionized home viewing: a storefront can stock only a limited number of items, but a web service can supply as many films as its warehouse can store. Previously hard-to-find DVD’s, such as cult and foreign films, are now readily available to anyone who is interested. Your choice of internet service will depend mostly on how often and how many films you usually watch during a specified rental period

Choosing an Online DVD Rental Company

A quick search on Google for “DVD rentals online” or “internet DVD rent” will locate many internet rental services in the United States, as well as internationally. Before you sign up for one, make sure that the company is located in your country of residence!

Next, ask yourself how often you watch films at home: five or six times a week, every other week or only once a month? If you are an avid film buff, DVD rentals over the internet could save you many trips to the store and maybe even some money. Another advantage to DVD rentals online is that they often allow the customer to create long wish lists, as well as inform the customer about the waiting period for a particular movie.

Here’s how a typical DVD rental program works: You create a list of DVD’s to rent, a process called “queuing,” since it establishes how long you have to wait for popular films. As soon as queued films become available, they are shipped to you in a limited quantity. How many you receive at once and how quickly they arrive depends on your subscription type, availability, and proximity to the shipping warehouse.

Once you have received your movies, you usually have a set period of time to watch them. If, however, you sign up for a program with no late fees, you may be able to hold onto the films as long you want. When you are finished, you mail the DVD's back in a prepaid envelope supplied by the rental company. As soon as the company receives your return, your next group of films in the queue is mailed out. (If you want to rent VHS – an option at some web sites – keep in mind that the companies might impose a surcharge for shipment).

So what kind of a renter are you? If you can’t get enough, you might want to try an unlimited subscription that allows rental for up to eight films at a time. On the other hand, if you watch movies at home only a couple of times a month, but don’t like to drive back and forth from your local store, a more limited monthly subscription could be the answer. Most sites that offer DVD rentals online, for example, provide a 2-at-a-time plan for under $15 per month, but you would be limited to four films per month total if you choose this service. Content is usally the next concern after pricing. If you like surprises, but are concerned about accidentally renting films with mature content, you could try Clean Films or Family Friendly. Other web sites, such as Gameznflix or Flickfix, expand your home entertainment options by allowing customers to rent video games and DVD’s simultaneously. As always, make sure you read the terms and conditions closely before signing up for a service. You might want to consider whether a company provides the fine print up front or if it is difficult to locate on a particular website.

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