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DVD Avenue--The Road to Online Rentals

It sounds like a street name, and, in one sense, DVD Avenue is-it's the road leading to a new way to rent DVDs. DVD Avenue's online rental service allows customers to avoid late fees and annoying due dates and experience the freedom and comfort of online movie rentals. It is easy and affordable: for only $19.95 per month for the standard three rentals at a time plan, DVD Avenue will send DVDs to a customer's home and provide a postage-paid envelope for the customer to use to return the DVD. It is a great way to have the DVDs you want without the hassle of driving to video stores and waiting in lines.

The Details of DVD Avenue

DVD Avenue offers customers different ways to customize their online movie rental plan. In addition to the three movies at a time plan, DVD Avenue also offers two ($14.95), four ($24.95), six ($34.95), and eight ($44.95) movies-at-a-time plans so customers can choose the best one for their needs.

DVD Avenue has a selection of thousands of titles, including games for both Playstation and Playstation2. Most online rental companies typically only offer DVDs or games, so DVD Avenue's selection of both is a benefit over some of the other online rental services. DVDs generally arrive within two to five business days, allowing customers to quickly receive and enjoy their selections. Within each customer's online account, DVD Avenue maintains a list of current selections so it can immediately ship out another title upon receipt of a returned one.

It is easy to navigate DVD Avenue's site, finding the titles you want quickly. You can search by title or use any of the specialized criteria links, such as genre and two category boxes, featuring new releases, coming soon titles, award winners, etc. So, whatever you are looking for, DVD Avenue can help you find and enjoy it.

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