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Why Rent DVDAvenue?

With all the online DVD options, why rent DVDAvenue online? Well, there are a few good reasons to give it a try. Of course, one reason is no late fees or due dates. Not so different from all the others I know, but it is a plus. Also no trips to the local rental store just to come up empty handed. But here is one reason you might not know about. They have different plans to accommodate different people. Yep, that’s right—you can choose which plan best suites you and your family.

For instance, say you don’t watch many movies a month and you may not even spend $20.00 at the movie store. They have a plan that allows you to pay $14.95 a month and get 2 DVDs at a time. That’s all month long so even if you rented only 4 movies a month, you more than likely saved $5.00 or more. So what if you are an extreme renter? They have plans that go up to $44.95 enabling you to keep 8 movies at a time. No matter which plan you decide on, you have no limit as to how many movies you can get a month.

Rent DVDAvenue and Save Money

Give yourself a break, rent DVDAvenue and save money. Not only can you save yourself money by renting online, you can help others too. By joining DVDAvenue, the average person saves 40% over video store prices. They also have gift certificates that offer an extra 10% off the monthly rental fee. This is on their basic service (2 DVDs out at a time) and start at $10.95 per month.

Since DVDAvenue has several plans to choose from, the percentage saved is up to you. One really cool thing they offer on their website is a rental savings calculator. A few questions will pop up and once the box is completed, your total savings will appear. DVDAvenue really seems to have all their bases covered when it comes to savings and online rentals.

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