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DVD Barn

Have you heard about DVD Barn? The online rental company was established in April of 2001 and is steadily increasing in size. DVD Barn basically works the same as Walmart, DVDAvenue, Blockbuster, etc. They offer both movies and games for a pretty small monthly fee. They have different plans depending on the amount of movies you would like to keep out at a time. If you want movies and games included in your package, no problem, they have a plan for that too.

DVD Barn claims to offer excellent customer service, a large inventory and quick processing. They back this up by offering a free rental if you’re DVD is not sent to you by the next day. They do however limit this to certain cities and offer a zip code check to see if you will qualify.

DVD Barn Rentals

DVD Barn rentals are one of the many online rental companies sweeping the nation. People are starting to catch on to the idea of convenience and money saving that renting DVDs online offer. You don’t have to worry with late fees, high prices and of course the trip to the video store. DVD Barn has a huge selection of movies and games that you can choose from. You will be able to find everything online that you would in your local video store. If you don’t see something you want, let them know and they will try and get it for you.

DVD Barn offers a monthly service at an introductory offer of $12.95. This includes up to three movies out at a time and free next day shipping in some cities. They also offer a premium package for $24.95 a month. This package will get you DVDs, games and mature videos. You will still only be able to check 3 out at a time but as soon as you send them back, you’re next selections will ship right away. If you’re still not sure go ahead and take them up on their free month trial. If you’re happy the service will automatically extend, if not you can cancel at any time.

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