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DVDOvernight Rentals

It's just like renting from your local video store. All movies range from just $2 to $4 and you get to keep them for a week. There are no shipping charges to worry about. Every 10th rental is free, lowering the cost of renting. The biggest advantage to using There are no monthly fees! No subscription fees to worry about at all.

Your movies are delivered for FREE to your home by first-class mail, arriving in just 2 to 4 days. If your rental order is placed before 4pm EST, it will be processed and shipped to you that same day. You have seven days after you receive the movie, which gives you plenty of time, to watch it and return it. They give you a pre-paid envelope to return the movie in, so you can just drop it off anywhere with no problem. It can even be returned on the due date. They also send you an email letting you know that they got it back—a service that makes stand out from many other online rental services.

Renting from DVDOvernight

DVDOvernight sends you an email reminding you of the due date of the movies you rented. If due dates bother you, they do have a “Double Feature Club”, which is a bit extra, but allows you to rent without those pesky due dates. Even this service only costs $39.99 for an entire year! It also allows you to rent two double features at a time, which means four movies at once. is a great deal and a great service. They have hundreds of titles to choose from in many categories. From “Chick Flicks” to “Guy Movies”, has it all. The only catch is that most movies cost $4, not $2, and you are required to rent a minimum of two movies at a time. Still, this is a good option, considering all the online DVD rental sites that are out there.

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