You may have heard of Netflix or Gameznflix, but have you heard of eHit? Even with the widespread influence of television and the Internet, eHit ( has remained somewhat of a hidden gem amongst online DVD rental sites. Even though it is somewhat similar in format to Netflix and Gameznflix, however, eHit has some major differences that, depending on your personal style and preference, can either make eHit a wonderful choice for you or not the best option.

In the next few paragraphs, you will find out exactly how eHit works and learn how to determine whether or not it is a better choice for you than the more heavily advertised companies. You will also know where to go to further research the topic and be completely comfortable in your final decision.

eHit Rents English and Chinese DVDs

When you first open eHit's homepage, you will see that eHit rents English and Chinese DVDs. Do not let this scare you! While most of the DVDs advertised on the homepage are Chinese, once you begin searching you will find that their English titles are as or nearly as extensive as other online rental companies. As far as I can tell, the English/Chinese slogan can only be a positive: If you are interested in foreign films or speak Chinese, eHit is obviously a spectacular choice. If you speak only English and aren't a foreign film fan, the Chinese angle should not affect you enough to make a difference.

With Netflix, the basic package includes unlimited DVD rentals with no late fees and free shipping. You are allowed to have three DVDs out at a time and all three arrive in separate envelopes so that you may return them one at a time. The cost is $17.99 a month plus tax. With eHit, the format is still the same (unlimited rentals with free shipping and no late fees), but the specifics vary slightly. With eHit, the basic package is $19.95 a month, but you are allowed to have four movies out at a time. The catch is that there are two movies per envelope, meaning that you have to return the movies two at a time.

When choosing an online rental store, also take into consideration the options each company gives you. For example, eHit offers a program that allows you to rent an entire season of a tv series at once (such as the entire first season of "Friends") rather than one disc at a time like Netflix.

If you have already decided which company will best suit your needs, visit their website and sign up! If, however, you would still like a little more information, both sites offer free trials (14 days for Netflix and 10 for eHit) as long as you cancel your membership within the time allotted. Trials such as these are often the best way to discern if online rental is a good choice for you. Enjoy!

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