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Welcome to GameZnFlix rental reviews! For anyone who regularly rents DVDs and video games, you expect fair pricing and service each time you make a rental. But the DVD and game rental business becomes more and more complicated every year - with new choices and price packages to tempt the public. And one of those choices is the new online DVD and game rental service offered by GameZnFlix, a company that is successfully luring away customers from traditional video stores with their $18.50 monthly rental offer.

In this section of Rental Reviews, we'll be examing GameZnFlix from all angles. Video and game renters want to know if this kind of online service is a better alternative to Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. . .not to mention the similiar online services that are springing up. Customers want to know. . .can you really save money with GameZnFlix? Just reliable is their mail delivery service? How can GameZnFlix afford not to charge late fees?

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Take a minute to browse our GameZnFlix Rental Reviews and decide for yourself whether GameZnFlix's online serivce is superior to it's competition. One thing is certain. . .GameZnFlicks is serious about winning a large piece of the DVD and game rental market. The company has just reached deep in its pockets for a major marketing campaign featuring former "Dell Dude" Ben Curtis as the GameZnFlix spokesman. So it's fair to ask, "Will customers who abandon their neighborhood video store for GameZnflix get a better deal?" So far, the evidence is tilting strongly in GameZnFlix's favor, but we want to know what you think!

If you have already become a GameZnFlix member, write and tell us your opinion of their service. Do you think their $18.50 monthly fee is fairer than paying $4.00 per movie at Blockbuster? Was their "no late fee guarantee" a factor in your decision to join? How good is GameZnFlix's delivery - was it within the 3 to 5 business day period they advertise? And - most importly - would you recommend GameZnflix to your friends? Email us your stories and we'll post the best ones here. We want to make GameZnflix Rental Reviews the best online resource for members and non-members alike!

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