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Why You Should Consider Internet DVD Rental

Why should you consider Internet DVD rental? The reasons are almost endless. Do you love renting movies? Do you sometimes return your movies after the due date and end up paying hefty late fees? Do you hate driving to the movie store late at night when you want to watch a movie or in the middle of the day to return it? Do you wish you could keep some of your movies longer than the one-week or three-day rental period? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider Internet DVD rental. It can save you money and time and make your movie rental experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Options for Internet DVD Rental

The key feature of almost all of the Internet DVD rental companies is that they offer no due dates or late fees. Customers simply subscribe to the monthly rental service and receive unlimited rentals that they can keep as long as they like, returning them at their convenience. Movies are shipped to you, usually in less than five business days, and they include a pre-paid envelope that you use to return the movies. Prices generally range anywhere from $17 to $20 dollars for the standard three rentals at a time plan.

NetFlix is one of the biggest online DVD rental competitors in the market, offering a selection of over 25,000 titles for only $17.95 per month. Netflixs also offers additional plans so that you can choose how many rentals you want to have on hand at a time. One of NetFlix's primary benefits is its fast delivery times-movies usually arrive within one to two business days of ordering.

GamezNFlix is NetFlix's largest competitor, and it has certain advantages over NetFlix. These benefits include slightly lower prices and a larger selection of over 28,000 titles that includes both movies and video games. Although these two are a couple of the more popular options, others include Blockbuster's online DVD rental service, Player's Choice, and DVD Avenue. To investigate them for yourself, visit their websites and take advantage of the free trial periods many of the companies offer.

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