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Internet DVD Rentals: Who Should Consider It

If you are considering subscribing to a service offering Internet DVD rentals, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages before you decide. Although it is very easy to cancel your subscription to most services, it is still better to avoid the hassle of paying for something that does not meet your needs than to worry about how to get out of it later. Online DVD rentals are a great idea for some people and not so great for others. It really depends on who you and what is most important to you in DVD rentals.

The Pros and Cons of Internet DVD Rentals

Because most issues in our society boil down to money, the first thing to consider in Internet DVD rentals is price. If you decide to subscribe to a monthly DVD rental service, you will pay the monthly fee every month, whether or not you have time to watch movies or the money to spend on movies that month. With traditional movie stores, customers have the flexibility to only pay for movies that they watch, when they have time to watch them and when they can afford to pay for them.

The second thing to consider is the way you pick your movies. If you always know exactly which movie you want to see, then online DVD rentals are great for you because they save you the time and hassle of going to the store and waiting in line. However, if you usually know that you just want to watch a movie but like to browse and see what is available before you choose, the online services are going to make this more difficult and time-consuming because you can only browse by category instead of walking from shelf to shelf. It is harder to find an unspecified movie.

A third thing to think about is frequency of movie rentals. If you rent many movies each month, online rentals will definitely save you money and you can keep a selection of movies in your queue so that you always have two or three at your home. However, if you only watch a few movies each month, with online subscription services you will typically be paying for a service you are not completely using. So, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide what is best for you.

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