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More and more movie rental options are springing up across the internet. Rental Reviews is out to make it easy for you to decide on the best movie rental company for your entertainment dollars.

While several of the DVD club companies have been around a while, the older ones may not always be the best deal for your online DVD rental choice. With that in mind, here's a quick rundown of some of the more interesting companies.

Movie Rental Options

Netflix - the biggest brand in dvd rentals. fair prices, good delivery and pretty good selection.

Blockbuster - the biggest name in Movie rental stores is trying to gain market share in the online dvd market. Not such a great deal so far.

GameznFlix - smaller, newer company than either Netflix or Blockbuster. They take about 1 extar day to ship most titles but their prices are better and they allow you to rent video games as well as renting dvds.

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