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Looking for Good Movies to Rent?

People who love movies are always looking for good movies to rent. The good news is that there are a lot of great movies available for rent. The bad news is that it is sometimes hard to find them among all the other not-so-great choices. It does not matter if you love the riveting, action movies or the sweet romantic comedies, the scary horror flicks or the powerful dramas—there are plenty of movies out there that will appeal to your taste. Take a look at these suggestions and see if any interest you.

Suggestions for Good Movies to Rent

The distinction of good movies to rent really depends on your personal tastes. If you like watching documentaries or serious dramas, _The Fog of War_ recounts the lessons Robert McNamara learned during his lifetime and is especially relevant to the current situation. It is strongly based on historical facts and narrated by McNamara himself. Another documentary worth seeing is _Supersize Me_. This film investigates Americans’ obsession with fast food and the effects this junk food has on our bodies. It approaches the subject in a unique way and what you learn is sure to be surprising.

A movie that is actually not a documentary but seems like one is _Osama_. Far from uplifting, this movie shows the plight of females, one in particular, in Afghanistan. It makes you consider the situation of other people around the world and be thankful for what you have.

On a lighter note and closer to the world of romantic comedies are the movies _Raising Helen_ and _Uptown Girls_. Both movies are funny with much humor, but they also have a more serious underlying theme. These movies are feel-good flicks full of fun that will make you both laugh and cry as you watch the story unfold. Although these are only a few of the possibilities for movie rentals, these suggestions should get you started. Go rent one and start enjoying the movie today.

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