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Internet Movie Rental--Is It for You?

Internet movie rental can be a good thing or a waste of your money, all depending on your movie rental habits. Some people are avid movie watchers—people who have the time and interest to watch many movies a week, sometimes one or more a night. Other people are more occasional viewers, enjoying films when they want to experience a calm, yet enjoyable evening at home. Some people are very attentive to due dates, and rarely, if ever, return movies late. Others, however, cannot seem to return movies on time even if they watched the movies days before they were due. Read below to see how Internet movie rental could work—or not—for you.

The Pros and Cons of Internet Movie Rental

One of the biggest benefits of Internet movie rental is the convenience of no due dates. It is no surprise that movie rental companies generally make a large percentage of their profit from late fees. This policy takes advantage of people’s general laziness and forgetfulness. If late fees plague you and dramatically increase your monthly rental movie spending, renting movies online could give you marked savings.

Another advantage of most Internet movie rental companies is the option to rent as many movies as you like each month. There is no limit on the number you can rent. Although this seems like a great deal, it really depends on how often you generally rent movies and if you will really take advantage of the freedom to rent a large number of movies each month. If you still only rent about four movies per month and can avoid the late fees, you will probably save money by renting from traditional movie stores. However, if you rent many movies each month and can fully take advantage of the freedom of limitless rentals, Internet movie rental could save you a lot of money.

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